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Reiki for total relaxation and well-being

Reiki is by far the most gentle way to release tensions accumulated due to our stress filled lifestyle. 

It releases the emotional blocks that build up in our body as a result of stagnant energies. In doing so it frees up and clears our mind and improves our health and well-being. 

This can set in motion a process whereby one gradually has a sense of becoming more "himself" or "herself". Your unique core values and life views become more clear and visible, to yourself and others. This leaves the person with a profound feeling well-being and peacefulness. It's like a return to yourself where actually you've always been there. This way of being is to be experienced. Explaining, showing or otherwise trying to convince people of this state is at its best met with disbelieve.

Regular Reiki self-care or treatments by other Reiki practitioners leads to greater respect for one's physical needs and health and guides the person to make wiser and healthier life choices. 

Reiki demystified

As explained in the above chapter Reiki is transformational. It will be obvious that this process can be a lengthy one. Although this is not a rule, most often it will be true.

To the one wishing to embark on the path of Reiki it should also be clear that without any investment from the person any change or transformation is very unlikely to happen. Rather Reiki will make obvious the steps needed for change to occur and the better way to approach these.

In this change process one can however, through the aid of Reiki, experience exceptional levels of courage, determination and empowerment. By itself, these are qualities much needed to ignite any personal development. As such Reiki acts as an important catalyst and deserves it to be called a helpful and empowering technique.

And all starts with the profoundly relaxing effects of a Reiki treatment.

Reiki is to be experienced, rather than believed. Because until today there is insufficient scientific proof of how Reiki works or even of its very existence, I personally prefer to see Reiki as a technique. One that works and is efficient just like, perhaps, massage, but different in its approach and application. And therefore it's effects are different and it's nature is unique.

Because experiencing Reiki is so crucial, it will be clear that everyone's experience is unique and valuable.

The Reiki experience

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to describe the experience of Reiki, other than that usually it's profoundly relaxing. This seems to be the common denominator that both practitioners and users agree upon.

The physical experience is different for everyone and for everyone each Reiki treatment feels different. When trying to explain it, one stumbles on the same difficulty as trying to define how breathing feels. No two people breathe alike and every breath is unlike the next. The thing is, we never give that any thought. It just happens and we accept it without giving it a second thought. It's good to approach Reiki in the same way.

At first people are very focused on what to experience or not during a Reiki session. It's a pity, because this diverts the focus from simply applying the technique and trust its efficiency. As gradually one can let go of these expectations, the technique in all its purity can develop and its results become more obvious.

Reiki is very much about just allowing, accepting and letting go. It's about relax and release, rather than holding on to or chasing after things or situations.

Last, but not least, Reiki will become a source of inspiration as you start noticing the marks and traits it leaves in your life. Depending of where you are in your life, these might taste bitter or sweet. But we must never give up hope. Bitterness often prepares us to better appreciate the sweetness. 

Reiki treatment versus Reiki practice

It is always a great idea to receive Reiki treatments on a regular basis from a qualified Reiki practitioner.

As these people have themselves been through and experienced the changes that Reiki can bring about in life, they are very well placed to guide you on that path. Seeking out their help and advise is a very wise decision.

If you would decide to take your experience to the next level, you can best consider enrolling for a Reiki 1, Reiki 2 or even Reiki Master course. You will than be able to perform self treatments and treatments on others. This will greatly enhance your Reiki experience. You than become a practitioner and a whole new layer of self development and interaction with others will open up for you. 

Hands on versus distant Reiki

Reiki treatment

Chose for total relaxation of body and mind. Reach a mental focus that allows you to transcend. 

Due to the nature of this platform, only distant Reiki sessions.

Reiki courses

The Reiki technique has two application styles. 

The "hands on" style is used when practitioner and receiver are together in the same place. 

The "distant" style is used when practitioner and receiver are in a different place. 

Both styles are equally effective but people can be more "open" to one style thus making this their preferred and favorite style.

Again, the effects are not enhanced by understanding the working of these styles. Instead, the impact greatly improves by simply being open to the experience. 

You have experienced a few Reiki treatments and you feel good with it. 

Perhaps it's time to think about taking your Reiki experience to the next level. 

Reiki has 3 levels spread over 3 or 4 courses. Ideally some time is left in between these courses. Enough so you may well integrate what you've learned into your everyday life experience. This ensures you will have the most benefit and smooth experience. 

Slow and steady does it nicer than fast and relentless! 

Reiki specials

In this section you can find special Reiki treatments, courses, workshops, etc.

These will often be...

  • for a special occasion or event
  • offered to complement a treatment or course
  • offered as an introduction package to Reiki
  • offered as support for a difficult life event

1on1 online Reiki meeting

Do you feel like a more "in person" approach before embarking on a Reiki treatment or course would be helpful for you?

Luckily that is perfectly possible. Advisable even!

A 1on1 online meeting could be for you.

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