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About me

My name is Luc and I'm pleased to find you here. 

Reiki is not about the Master who shares it with the student and neither is it about the Practitioner who shares it with the receiver. Although the roles all these people take on have their value, the Reiki technique somehow makes that the different roles become inter changeable. The master becomes Student and the practitioner becomes Receiver. The Reiki technique finally makes all labeling obsolete. It's as much as possible from this perspective that I want to share Reiki with you. 

My first encounter with Reiki dates back more than 30 years. That's when I was introduced to the Reiki 1 level. 

After that Reiki remained a dormant and invisible force in my life until medio 2018 when it reappeared in a time when I needed it. When it did I was unaware about what was ahead of me and exactly why I was going to need it. In retrospect I'm very grateful it came to find me when it did. It has been and remains a source of strength and inspiration.

I feel honored and humbled that I can pass on this incredible technique to whoever needs it, whenever they need it. 

On obtaining the Reiki Master level I felt very blessed. It made me feel like I received a great gift and it still feels this way. Instinctively I knew then that one day I would feel the desire to share this gift. I doubted for the longest time about this. Thinking I wasn't quite "ready" and "good enough" and that it would make me too "different". Feelings I recognize all too well and that I struggled with all my life as so many of us.

I never would have guessed that sharing the Reiki technique in my own personal way would help me to finally surmount the biggest challenges in my life. While it happens it sometimes seems to easy to be true. But then again, that's so Reiki! So easy!

This is what I wish for you as well and it will be my honor to be your companion along that journey.


Loads of Love and Reiki blessings! 


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