Distant reiki for all

Distant Reiki circle with all those who feel it can help them go through the current crisis in a more balanced and serene way and even discover a meaningful message underneath it all.

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You can stop your subscription at any time.

These Reiki sessions are offered free for everyone.

For the Reiki share, please type in the message box the names of the people you want to be included and close with "Accepting for the highest good of all" 

Covid - 19 update: 50% solidarity price cut discounted at booking

Because NO ONE should be left out when it comes to care and well-being.

ANYONE unable to meet the proposed rates can send me a message to apply for a reduced rate.


People DONATING A REIKI TREATMENT PACK (multiple sessions) to a person currently hospitalized due to Covid - 19 or otherwise in urgent need should contact me to receive a substantial discount and will be answered with the HIGHEST PRIORITY.

Please use the above contact form and use the message field to supply details.


Dear Happy Loving Being,

Stay safe. Wash your hands and observe a Social Distance.

Loads of Love to all. 🙌💗🙏

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