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Everyone can learn Reiki and Reiki should be attainable for everyone

Reiki is Japanese in origine and the technique was discovered by Mikao Usui. As I understand it, he intended Reiki to be easy and accessible to as many people as possible. To honor and uphold his intention I want to spread Reiki affordably while guaranteeing a high quality.

I want to be fully present and focused on the individual needs of each student, while still ensuring accessibility for anyone interested.

Learning Reiki and being attuned to Reiki is something anyone can achieve. It's that easy!

The life long path of self discovery that comes after is all the more interesting, curious and at times challenging. As such the connection between student and teacher can cover long periods of time and be of an intense nature. I like to think of those students I introduce to Reiki as "lifers" under my care. Not to intrude in their lives, but to surround them with kindness as they wade through life's journey.

Happy Loving Being Reiki - One

This course will teach you the Happy Loving Being Reiki - One level which is the foundation and basis of the Reiki technique. It will enable you to perform self Reiki and Reiki on others in the "hands-on" style.

Happy Loving Being Reiki - One is intended to open you up to the universal life energy so that well being and healing may occur.

This course includes the Happy Loving Being Reiki - One "distant" style attunement.

In this course, we dive right into the experience of Reiki by beginning where most courses finish.

We start off with the Happy Loving Being Reiki - One attunement.

You will be invited to become curious and aware of this new experience and what it means for you. At all times you will be stimulated and coached to stay focused on your individual experience. You will be invited to observe with a critical mind any expectations you might hold about the Reiki experience.

All students will be invited from the beginning to interact and compare notes in our private Facebook group. Being a "hands-on" healing technique Reiki is a very "humane" and social experience. Reiki can not "stand-alone", it's human interaction with a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimension.

Although it's an online self-study course offered on one of the most comprehensive platforms, it's designed with a maximum of student/teacher interaction built-in.


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Happy Loving Being Reiki - Two

This course will teach you the Reiki 2 level and deepen your connection with the Reiki technique and profoundly enhance your ability to work with it. At this level your understanding of the technique and how to harness it in everyday life will grow steadily. It will enable you to perform Reiki self treatments and treatments on others in the "distant" style.

This course includes the Reiki 2 "distant" style attunement. The timing for the attunement will be 2 to 3 weeks after your purchase so you have time to familiarize yourself with the course material.

Maximum participants: 5

Happy Loving Being Reiki - Master

This course will teach you the Reiki 3 level or Reiki Master level and further deepen your connection with the Reiki technique. At this level you're encouraged to integrate Reiki in your life and express its core values in day to day reality. You will gain mastery of the Reiki technique and be encouraged to discover and develop your uniquely personal Reiki practice and expression. It's a very personal path of self discovery. 

A minimum of 3 months between Reiki 2 and Reiki Master level attunement is advisable for most people. During this time you'll be personally coached to best prepare you so your Master level attunement will be the memorable experience it's supposed to be. 

This course includes the Reiki Master "distant" style attunement. The timing for the attunement will be 3 months after your purchase to allow for personal preparation and coaching. Coaching sessions will be online and the schedule will be communicated. 

Maximum participants: 3

Happy Loving Being Reiki - Teacher

More than an actual course, this is a personal and unique path of self discovery on which you will be guided with the aim to find your unique and individual Reiki Master Teacher profile. Together we'll discover the uniqueness of the healer & teacher inside you.

You will have successfully completed the 3 previous levels of Reiki and have ample practice. 

Only Reiki practitioners that have received their attunement to the 3 Reiki levels through me, will be admitted. 

Included with each course

This is included with the above Reiki courses :

  • An e-book with the course materials
  • Complementary Reiki sessions in distant style to assist you during the 21 day detox period following your attunement. 

What if you have previously been attuned by another Reiki Master

I'll be very pleased to help you further on your path of Reiki even if you have previously been attuned by another Reiki Master.

Sometimes people feel the need for their attunement(s) to be renewed. Maybe it was impossible for them to practice Reiki for a long time or perhaps they feel less than comfortable with the attunement(s) they previously received.

Whatever your reason is for seeking re-attunement, you should not doubt to contact me to discuss this possibility. I'll be more than happy to re-attune you.

If at any moment between your level 1 and Master attunement you would not be able or willing to proceed your trainings with your current Reiki Master you should not doubt to contact me to discuss this. I'll be more than happy to help you reach the Reiki level you aspire.