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Published on 29 December 2019 at 22:06

Reiki, what a subject to write about!

With so much literature already produced on the subject, what more can I possibly add while still making a bit of sense and without falling into the obvious trap of being painfully repetitive or making a total idiot of myself by claiming to know...

I don't know why or how Reiki works despite having read about it, more than a fair bit. Despite having shared views about it with more than a few dozen people that claim to be knowledgeable on the subject. Despite having experienced it.

In all fairness, I have to admit that on an intellectual level I have the biggest reservations. But, much to the dislike of my intellect, Reiki feels very good and very right to me. And on an intuitive level it just "fits". It all makes perfect sense, despite the reservations of my logical, analytical mind.

The reason I can trust it, despite the mathematician in me, has much to do with creativity and my artistic background. I studied design and worked for many years in that field. As such I'm very familiar with the flow of thoughts, ideas and subtle feelings that is the creative stream that one tries to invoke during the process of artistic creation. I would describe it as a process in which the individual elements seemingly are unrelated, yet somehow give birth to a "new" reality. It's a very intuitive process that happens in a field outside everyday reality and in which the analytical mind plays a limited role.

Reiki feels very similar to this process for me. And that's why I trust it and how I know it works. 

The "how" about Reiki is inspired by the analyst in me. I feel it as an echo of the relentless stream of questions that I must have fired on my parents as a child. It ties into the big questions us humans have about life. And although I don't want to minimize the importance of this line of questioning, I think that if we really want to evolve into full maturity as humans, we need to learn to differentiate between what we can and what we cannot know. Admitting we don't know and can't know it all is, in my opinion, a more valuable and honest response than pretending to know what can't be known. At the same time, it makes us free to pursue all the knowledge and wisdom that we do have at our disposal. Until science discovers otherwise, that is so much more meaningful and fulfilling than to keep raising the same questions.

In that respect and in all honesty and humility, all I can say is: just like I don't know all about life, I don't know all about Reiki. But I do know they both are very dear and valuable to me. And I have peace with that.

In another Love Letter, I think I might want to share with you the story behind "Happy Loving Being", the name for this website. And how and why I was so certain this had to be it.

Dear Happy Loving Being,
I'd love to meet you in an enjoyable Reiki treatment or course.


Loads of Love! 

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